3 Benefits of Using a Facebook Page Cover Video in 2017


According to Social Media Fire Facebook cover videos were first noticed on April 25th 2017. Ever since pages have been experimenting with way to best utilize this new feature that allows any Facebook Page the ability to harness the marketing power of video. Here are 3 ways that your business can build a better Facebook page by trying out the Facebook Cover Video feature.

Video Grabs Attention

An article posted by Wordstream called 37 Staggering Video Marketing Statistics for 2017 states that 88% more time is spent by a user on a website with video. When is the last time a video didn’t at least get you to look?

Video Increases Sales

Wyzowl marketing statistics show that 74% of users who watched an explainer video to better understand a product or a service ended up buying the product or service after watching the video.

Videos Can Educate Your Audience

Since video is both visual and audible, a powerful dynamic can be created to teach your audience more about your business than you might be able to by only presenting text and images. Regardless, it’s efficient to have your audience use multiple senses when focusing their attention on your business, because the more sensory the experience, the more brainwaves are being expended to receive the message you are sending. This is a good thing.