Developing meaningful content in a fast-paced world requires constant adaptation and forward thinking. I could tell you to stand out from the crowd but thats mandatory in the ever evolving digital world we live in. I am currently a Sales and Marketing Director. This blog is a way for me to share ideas I feel may benefit businesses and entrepreneurs and is also a writing outlet for me. I’ve outlined a few of my professional accomplishments below just for a reference. Although that’s really just the boring stuff.

A Few Accomplishments:

  • Helped generate over 1 million in online sales so far in 2017 for a growing water filtration business by creating strategic digital marketing tactics.
  • Video production and social media development for a national television series.
  • Author of the most shared article on monkeysfightingrobots.com | 2.2k+ shares.
  • Helped Salt Strong LLC reach 100k+ website visitors within months of launch date.
  • Creation of live radio spots airing on the east coast of Florida | WA1A 107.1 Radio
  • Video production of celebrity band interviews (50 Cent, Three Days Grace) for publications and radio stations.
  • Over a quarter of a million generated in print advertising sales for a local newspaper by creating effective print advertising copy for clients.
  • Accolades received for videography including recognition as being one of the top 5 videographers in southeast Michigan by local channel 4 news voters.